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Metridea Solutions:

Contract Management
Metridea provides a groundbreaking, fully browser based contract management solution for your organization. Return on investment can quickly be realized by eliminating contract compliance issues, renewing contracts before they expire, and gaining full visibility into your contract repository. Searching across unlimited data fields within contracts eliminates the need to go through piles of paperwork.

With Metridea Enterprise Contracts you can develop solutions such as:

  • A Real Estate Lease/Property management system
  • A Purchasing Contract Compliance System
  • An Employee Benefits Tracking System
  • A Supply Chain Audit Trail by assigning product component sku's to Contracts
  • An approved legal repository for fast compliant 'New Contract' generation

Workflow Automation
Metridea offers a proven solution to automate the workflow of approvals in the office of anything from purchase requests, to vacation requests using Metridea M-Forms. M-Forms are easy to create web based forms that have an approval flow engine tied in. Simply create a request for something and an approval flow will be triggered specific to the business rules in your organization. The request is then routed to each person sequentially for approval. When fully approved, an action can be triggered such as creating a purchase order in an ERP system, or creating a calendar entry for time off. With this simple solution hundreds of manual approval processes can be consolidated and automated in the workplace, providing an audit trail for every request.

Professional Services
Metridea professionals have developed purchasing, workflow automation, and contract management solutions for a major airline, the worlds largest global consulting company, and a leading food service distributor, in addition to numerous other industries. Metridea brings unique insight and balance into professional services. Too many professional service organizations focus on their own solutions. We bring a balanced approach and will recommend solutions that fit your companies needs best, even if it's a competitors solution!