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Metridea Enterprise Contracts:
Metridea Enterprise Contracts is a scalable, browser based application with a simple, intuitive user interface allowing easy contract creation, management, and reporting. The system is based on your companies pre-approved clauses as the building blocks for contracts. Embedded in clauses are variables, which act as input fields on a form, allowing entered information to feed the reporting engine in a quantifiable manner. Clauses are then grouped into Contract Templates, providing a standard layout and language for contracts of a certain type. This ensures consistency and contracts that comply with corporate legal requirements. After finalizing the contract, a PDF can be generated, signed and scanned as an attachment documenting the executed contract. After execution of a contract, the reporting system can then track and report or quantify any data fields within the contract, including expiration dates, budget amounts, or other milestones. These fields and reports are completely user defined and have no limits on number or complexity. Contracts can be as simple as a company name and date for a stock NDA or contain hundreds of data fields for a complex global purchasing agreement. A robust ERP integration layer also exists to pre-populate key data such as office codes, employee names, or companies from your accounting system so data does not have to be re-entered.

  • Full user and contract level security based on roles and permissions
  • PDF Generation
  • Clause Level and Contract Level Revision Tracking
  • WYSIWYG web based clause creation and editing allowing a fully customizable look and feel to contracts including embedded images.
  • Robust Reporting engine with user ad-hoc reporting and scheduled reporting
  • Full email integration for alerts and scheduled report delivery
  • Integration with ERP systems for data population of variable fields
  • Nightly e-Mailed audit reports
  • Single Sign On Support
  • Standard MVC/J2EE architecture
  • Data accessibility via Web Queries and Web Service
  • Supports Oracle 8-11g database
  • Now available 'On Demand' for one simple monthly fee
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Intuitive Browser Based Platform:

On-Demand Software as a Service (Saas) Option:
Metridea is now offering the complete Enterprise Contract Management application as an 'On-Demand' solution, while still allowing a completely isolated instance for modifications and data security Your On Demand instance will be completely isolated on a virtual machine for your organization. Your instance of the software and it's data are unique for security, and only incoming IP addresses from your organization will have access. Key benefits include:
  • No IT approval or involvement
  • Rapid deployment and ramp up
  • No Term commitments
  • Trial Terms
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Metridea M-Forms:
A flexible tool that allows you to automate request and approval workflow. With M-Forms you can define any type of data collection form and route that form for approval based on flexible XML based rules. Some examples for M-Forms include:

  • Systems or Network Access Requests
  • Service Requests
  • Travel and Entertainment Requests
  • New Hire Process Requests
  • Benefits Enrollment and Changes
  • Check or Funds Requests

Metridea Professional Services:
Get the expertise you need to make your contracts project a success. Services range from technical implementation to functional analysis, recommendations, and strategy. We can guide you through all aspects of moving your contracts out of the filing cabinets and onto the desktop.

Metridea professionals have developed purchasing, workflow automation, and contract management solutions for a major airline, the worlds largest global consulting company, and a leading food service distributor, in addition to numerous other industries. Metridea brings unique insight and balance into professional services. Too many professional service organizations focus on their own solutions. We bring a balanced approach and will recommend solutions that fit your companies needs best, even if it's a competitors solution!