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Metridea Contracts Feature List:
The Metridea Contracts feature list is carefully designed and based on our current clients demands. While this list is not inclusive, it contains our most commonly used features. Contracts was designed in a very flexible and extensible Java/MVC/XML architecture allowing clients to customize the application if needed without detailed programming experience.

Features List:
Central Contract Repository
Browser Based Repository

Centralized, browser based document management homepage for contracts and attachments, with visibility driven by ownership and roles.

    Browser Based WYSIWYG Contract Creation Create and edit contracts in a full WYSIWYG editor embedded in the web based software with no need to use third party office products. This eliminates the need to synch versions of contracts on your desktop with versions on the system and allows complete clause level version management and audit trail.

    Search Search contracts based on title, dates, company, creator and an unlimited number of user defined business terms & 'in-clause' variables. Customizable searches have quantitative capabilities and spreadsheet export.

    Attachments Attach company or vendor paper, scanned images and documents for ANY document type even including multimedia documents.

    Email load integration Simply email/forward an attachment to a predefined email address on your network, and Metridea Contracts will pick up the document, add it to the repository, and place it in your contracts home page.

    Clause, Template, and Variable Library A user/company defined clause library holds standard, legal approved clause language which is used to build contract templates and can also be inserted directly into existing contracts.

    Third-party contracts & Vendor Paper Scan and abstract third party contracts or simply cut and paste right into the online editor, full conversion support exists for converting office documents to Contracts where inline variables and terms can be added for reporting.

Flexible Workflow Engine
Workflow Rules

Each contract type can be assigned multiple workflow rules that define the lifecycle and routing of the Contract. Rules allow you to route contracts internally or externally, for review, editing, and approval. Workflow can be linear like an approval flow and / or circular as in a negotiation process.

    External Contract Routing Contracts may be routed externally in a variety of industry standard document formats with a simple workflow rule.

Email Alerts
Contract Notifications

Scheduled email notifications are delivered to contract owners / managers based on expiration dates, renewal dates, milestones, or any other KPI driven by user defined variables at the clause level.

End User Administration 
Easy Configuration

Create and control your own Clause and Contracts templates, clause variables, user accounts, roles, permissions and workflow rules without requiring any IT or professional services resources.

    Customizable audit reports New scheduled audit reports beyond the standards can be configured through simple XML

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Simple-to-use Ad-Hoc reporting tool allows for rapid, on-demand report generation and report saving. End users can define their own search criteria and results data, and save the search for future use or re-assign the search to other users.

    One-Click Access One-click access from report results to the contract records themselves, for the monitoring of contract compliance and the support of the auditing process.

    Contract Compliance Full audit trail provides the ability to see who made what changes to a clause and when, as well as archiving all previous versions of clauses and contracts.

Data Accessibility
Advanced Reporting Capability

Using Metridea's data connector architecture, advanced users have wide flexibility to design custom reports for contract and off-contract data, including data from third party transactional systems, data repositories and traditional business intelligence applications, allowing analysis of spend data versus contract.

    Excel Interface A Microsoft-Excel front end to data in Contracts is available via a WebQuery URL in contracts. Simply enter the server URL, report query, and any parameters into Excel's built in WebQuery functionality and full data sets appear in excel updated in real time allowing detailed analysis including pivot tables. Contracts can even provide data from third party systems via WebQuery making is an on demand middle ware utility. Current client examples are data coming from Oracle Financials, ImageNow, and Ariba Buyer.


Industry standard 128 bit SSL and data security.  Contract functions such as Create, View, Edit, and Delete are role driven for each user then cross referenced by company geography.

    Permissions The Metridea solution provides role level access to contract functionality, reports, menu and administrative functions.

    Single Sign On Proxy/Header based single sign on is fully supported, which includes most current SSO engines such as SiteMinder, WebSeal, Passlogix, ActiveIdentity, and Imprivata. In addition, custom password adapters may be implemented to authenticate to third party databases and systems such as Oracle, Ariba, PeopleSoft, and LDAP resources.

Data Connectors

Standard Java/Oracle platform with data connectors enables two way integration with ERP, CRM, SRM, and Procurement systems, as well as Reporting and Analysis tools such as Crystal Reports, Cognos, and Excel via Web Services, Microsoft WebQueries, HTTP/CSV, and JDBC. Metridea Contracts also has a proprietary Real Time connector to Ariba Buyer allowing data push and pull using Ariba's native AQL.

Deployment Options
In House or On-Demand

Contracts may be deployed in house on a Windows server, Solaris, HP-UX, and many distributions of Linux. The application supports Oracle 8-11g. The on demand option is deployed at a secure data center in a VPS configuration, ensuring isolation and security of your data. Oracle license is not included with this option.

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