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Bring Your Contracts to Life

Metridea contract management software takes your contracts out of the box and on to your intranet for fast, easy browser based creation, viewing, reporting, and auditing.

With an easy to use browser based interface, users can quickly create, find, edit, delete and report on important contracts from a searchable contract repository as well as create dynamic reports on key data within contracts.

Contracts are built from a custom clause library defined by your company in full HTML WYSIWYG, and visible and editable based on security roles. Integrated output to PDF allows secure hard copies of completed and executed contracts to be signed and scanned back in as attachments.

A robust contract reporting engine allows users to create ad hoc queries and reports on key variables in contracts such as dollar values, expiration dates, company names, etc. or schedule reports to be generated and emailed automatically such as alerts on upcoming contract expirations or other milestones.

Metridea is now offering the complete Enterprise Contract Management application as an On Demand - (Saas) solution, while still allowing a completely isolated instance for modifications and data security

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